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Private Data Clouds is a registered partner with the Australian Cyber Security Centre

We implement the most current ACSC recommended best practice strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents in your business. We also regularly participate in training and education to maintain our currency and knowledge in this area.

New risks and methods of attack are constantly evolving. PDClouds has invested heavily in enterprise security infrastructure including sophisticated backup processes to protect your business from ransomware and data breaches. However, this alone cannot protect your organisation from cyber attacks.

Remembering the basics like safe creation, use and storage of passwords, embracing multi-factor authentication on applications and open wifi networks, closing applications down when not in use all improve your chances of not falling victim to cyber crime. Understanding that use of traditional signature based antivirus software is a small part of a multi layer approach to cyber security protection. Research has shown as the threat landscape has evolved, antivirus as a singular solution is ineffective.

Cyber Security Facts

  • 43% of cyber attacks target small business
  • 48% of malicious email attachments are office files
  • 94% of malware is delivered by email
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error
  • 54% of businesses do not know if or when their data is backed up
  • Over 70% of cyber attacks are due to poor password hygiene
  • 87% of small businesses believe their business is safe from cyber attacks because they use antivirus software alone
  • A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds
  • China is the country with the most malware in the world
  • In 2018 hackers stole half a billion personal records – a 126% jump from 2017
  • The average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses is $133,000