Office 365 Backup and Recovery Solutions

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Microsoft Office 365 provides companies with numerous applications and services. But backup and protection of your critical business data it’s still your responsibility.

Nowadays success and efficiency depend on availability of resources, effortless and instant access to your data anywhere, from any device and on demand.

With Private Data Clouds Backup & Recovery solutiuons you get the whole package of necessary tools to reach the highest performance and safety requirements of your business workflow.

Private Data Clouds offers backup & rescovery solutions that protects your Microsoft Office 365 business data by performing daily backups of OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands.

Private Data Clouds backup & rescovery solutions ensures not only continued protection of key corporate data, but also compression, deduplication and file versioning. Thanks to its scalable architecture and RESTful API, you get a complete and modern tool that ensures business continuity.

Do you really need to backup Office 365?