Australian Based Private Cloud Services @ Private Data Clouds

Thinking about migrating some or all of your workloads to the Cloud? Unsure about the cloud, where to start and how to get there?

Private clouds are transforming businesses. The sheer flexibility, scalability and cost-friendly nature of cloud computing technology has started to attract consumers from a wide range of industries. The benefits are huge for small business – removing infrastructure costs, ensuring reliability and security, scaled to grow with your business. If you are curious about the cloud but need to know more about how it could work for you, contact us and let us work through your requirements.

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Private Cloud

Combine the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing and virtualization with the security and privacy of dedicated, managed infrastructure driving performance and security.

If your on premise IT systems are causing you loss of time and money and keeping you awake at night - consider moving onto your own private cloud. Forget about security, reliability, availability, access and performance issues when you have your own purpose built private cloud. Private Data Clouds offers a scalable solution that can virtualise entire business environments without compromising control, privacy or security. Our Private Clouds are housed in a high powered next generation facility ensuring security, agility and reliability.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect your on-premises applications and workloads to Private Data Cloud’s storage or connect your public cloud storage to mission critical data with Private Data Clouds

We know that one solution doesn’t fit every business. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud storage, but have applications running on-premises that require low-latency access to your data, or need rapid data transfer to the cloud, Private Data Clouds can connect your on-premises or public cloud applications and systems to cloud storage to help you reduce costs and minimize management burden.